Summer 2021 family getaway in the uk

Are you thinking about what am thinking? The pandemic has kept us in for too long and a lot of travel plans have been postponed till a much convenient period in the future.

But guess what? School is almost out for the kids and we do need to unwind and stretch our legs and get on our summer wears and flip flops to enjoy this coming summer. Tell me, where would you rather be than spend the summer in the United Kingdom with loads of fun attractions for the family and you.

We are taking family and group bookings for the summer to places in the UK that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of all tourists that engage in the experience. We have list of exciting places to go to with the family in the UK and will not make you break the bank. We also have short lets available for families and groups that may be interested. We can help with transfers from the airport to your destination and can also render chauffeur services for the duration of your holiday if needed.

Finally, if you are yet to apply for your visa or get a passport, what exactly are you waiting for? Let’s start right away and get the ball rolling. There is no time to check time…………..time is ticking and summer break starts in a few months.

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Have you been wondering how to progress on to a masters degree, phd degree or even a undergraduate program in the UK and you have been wondering how to go about it for some time now? Did you know you can get a scholarship to study in the UK in some universities and its available for everyone with an upper 2nd class and above?

Did you know you can also have access to some educational grants while your studying in the UK and they can be used to offset part of your tuition fees or directed towards your accommodation or living costs?

Did you know as a tier 4 student, you can now get an extra 2 year stay to look for a job in the UK as long as your course of study is over 13 months for a masters degree holder and 3 years extra stay for a phd degree holder?

Did you know you can bring your family with you to the UK under the point based system and your spouse can work while the kids attend a state funded school during the program?

If you know or in doubt or still trying to fathom how to go about it, worry less and lets do the processing for you. We are a phone call away and can be easily reached on our social media handles.

Call us on +234-8054732362 / 8088858388. Send us a DM on IG:@aaronanddavidtravelconsultants, FB:Aaron.David.76, Twitter:@aanddtravels, Whatsapp:+234-8054732362.

Top destinations in thailand…

Would you like to visit Thailand and South East Asia and engage with local experts who know both the must see places and hidden gems in Thailand? They are carefully selected from over 55 cities in Thailand and have a deep bond and rich knowledge in their various locals they grew up in. You are bound to have a fun, interesting and insightful experience discovering the beautiful terrain. You will get to learn about the history of the iconic temples, have a picnic in Chiang Mai and even find the best spots to catch Pokemon in Bangkok. Top destinations include Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Bali, Manila, Saigon, Hua Hin, Samut Prakan, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Phuket and Samut Songkhram.

For more information on where to go to in Thailand and what to do, please click on the link below for options.

Fly the world in comfort

If you are looking for a comfortable flight that offers a world class treatment and excellent in-flight entertainment, then look no further as you are about to be thrilled by the one airline that offers the best business class, economy class, seat comfort, cabin service including food and beverages. It has won the airline of the year and also best airline in the middle east for some time now. It is like a 5 star hotel on air and you can only discover all these by experiencing it yourself. There is comfort and there is COMFORT. It is also a reliable airline with good customer service and it is great value for your money.

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Online Payment Solution for Websites

You can now accept payments online with no coding required and its that simple and easy it takes only 5 minute to set up. For your onetime and recurring payments for subscription based businesses and services or donation, there is a payment solution which can now be used for international payouts.

It is ideal for recurring, subscription, and membership businesses like:

  • Seo Marketing Agencies
  • – Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • – Photography Studios
  • – Fitness & Wellness
  • – Subscription Businesses
  • – Web Design Businesses
  • – Non Profits
  • – Membership Clubs
  • – Sports Academy
  • – Tutors and Online Courses

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