Historic places to visit in Nigeria….Ile-Ife….(the cradle of yoruba-land)


Ile-Ife is the ancient town in Osun State where it was said the world originated from and also said to be the cradle of Yoruba land. It is a place with beautiful, meaningful culture and artefacts.

Ife is ruled by the Ooni Orisa who is a descendant of Oduduwa.

Ife is known for the University which is one of the early higher institutions in our country, Nigeria. Ife is close to Ijesha which is also in Osun State and also the home to the “erin ijesha waterfalls” (tourist attraction) otherwise known as the Olumirin waterfalls located at erin in Osun State.

Today, we have one of the best resorts in the country known as the Ife Grand Resorts and leisure. It is a modern day resort designed for the family to go for a weekend getaway or for more corporate organisations to go for a work retreat.

The ambience is lovely and the services are good. It is a place to be considered when one is around that territory.

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