Summer in Side, Antalya, Turkey with family.

Fun times with family during summer.

Side is a resort town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. An ancient port city known for long beaches and Greco-Roman ruins. In the center are the remains of the 2nd-century Antique Theater, which seated up to 15,000. The white marble columns of the Hellenistic Temple of Athena stand near the harbor.

It is located in the Antalya province of Turkey and has a lot of beautiful all inclusive resorts that could serve as a romantic getaways, honeymoons or even family vacation.

Best time to visit this resorts are during the summer when the weather is favorable and encouraging. There are so many events planned out while staying at the several resorts and these are to engage the children and also the adults. There is swimming, golf, snooker, volley ball, beach activities, board games etc.

The highlight of the evenings include bonfire gathering and talent shows. It is a good bargain for your money and you will definitely not regret investing in this vacation with family and friends. You can get your booking through us today, from flights, hotel bookings, e-visa etc. Send us a mail or call us and lets plan your itinerary for you.


Tel: 08054732362/08088858387.

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