Enjoy a day of adventure at the Parque Maya Cancun, Mexico.

There’s much more to discover in Cancún than the pristine beaches. You can feed your sense of adventure and discover the secrets of the ancient Maya at Parque Maya Cancún. You can also enjoy fast-track entrance to the park and five spellbinding activities in the lush Mexican jungles.

Your voyage into the past begins with a short film tribute to Mayan culture, which gives you a fascinating insight into one of history’s most interesting civilizations, and prepares you for the adventures to come.

Get your adrenaline pumping as you fly across the clear blue sky on 1500 feet of zip lines, high above the Nichupte lagoon. Then focus your inner spider monkey on tricky rope course challenges

Next, sail for miles on board a Maya longboat through the salty mangroves of the Laguna Nichupte. Also look out for exotic birds fluttering above and crafty reptiles lazing along the banks.

You’ll trek through the dense jungle, wobble across hanging rope-bridges, and explore ancient temple ruins.

To get tickets for the above adventure, click on the link below.


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