Have you been wondering how to progress on to a masters degree, phd degree or even a undergraduate program in the UK and you have been wondering how to go about it for some time now? Did you know you can get a scholarship to study in the UK in some universities and its available for everyone with an upper 2nd class and above?

Did you know you can also have access to some educational grants while your studying in the UK and they can be used to offset part of your tuition fees or directed towards your accommodation or living costs?

Did you know as a tier 4 student, you can now get an extra 2 year stay to look for a job in the UK as long as your course of study is over 13 months for a masters degree holder and 3 years extra stay for a phd degree holder?

Did you know you can bring your family with you to the UK under the point based system and your spouse can work while the kids attend a state funded school during the program?

If you know or in doubt or still trying to fathom how to go about it, worry less and lets do the processing for you. We are a phone call away and can be easily reached on our social media handles.

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