Weekend deals for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Fun Activities

Weekend is here again and there is so much anxiety and expectations about the weekend. You can decide whatever activities are good and exciting for you and the family. There are lots of family getaways and activities which are fun and worth every bit of the adventure. For those who love adrenaline pumping activities like the boat cruise, desert safari, roller coaster, slide and water packs, there are so much you can pick from and more. It gets more interesting when you go in groups and everyone is having same fun. It is always good to be part of it and not be told about it. To see what is available and where to visit this weekend, click on the link below as it takes you to the booking site of the activities.


We look forward to seeing you there and please do remember to stay safe always.

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Get your Dubai Visiting Visa from Aaron & David Travels.


Our International Airports are about to open again starting with Lagos and Abuja on the 29th August, 2020. There has never been a better time than now to apply for your UAE visa which allows you visit the beautiful city of Dubai and the magical city of Abu Dhabi. These are both welcoming tourist cities which are opened all year round to travelers from far and wide.

What more?

Besides the visa application, we can help you get the accommodation you chose to stay in according to your budget and also help to get great deals on tours in both cities.

If you would like to apply for your visa now, kindly send us your details and we will process the application as urgent and deliver to you up to 48 hours.

Present Important Requirements.

Please note that to travel to Dubai and most other places, you will require a valid 4 day Negative Covid-19 test certificate to board the plane and also you will need a travel medical insurance with your visa application which can be arranged by us also.

If you would rather call us or chat with us, then you can reach us on +234-8054732362.

We hope to hear from you soon.



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Are you looking for great deals on your travel tickets, hotel reservations and tours? Do you have a wish list or bucket list you wish to fulfill? Are you planning a budget travel and looking for where to go and still have maximum fun?

We are here to help you to achieve all the questions above and even more. We operate both locally and international and we can plan your itinerary with you from the beginning to the end based on your budget.

Why not send us a sms, whatsapp message or call us on +234-8054732362. You can also fill in the form below and give us your budget and itinerary and we will work out a plan for you today. Our goal is to make you happy and feel at ease throughout the trip planning to the trip itself.

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Exotic Islands in Mozambique, Africa. Azura Benguerra Island.

Azura Retreat

Azura Benguerra Island is a 20 villa property located in Southern Mozambique which was built by the local community and operated in partnership with same.
It is an unspoilt island with a Marine National Park, deserted beaches of pure white sand, sparkling turquoise seas, sunny days and star-studded nights.

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Volcanic Islands to visit in Greece. Santorini Island……

Best Luxury Hotels Santorini Greece

Also known as Thera in Greek. It an island ennobled by painters and poets due to its celebrated light, multi-cultured cliffs and picture-perfect sunsets…It is said to be a volcano embraced by the Aegean Sea and the power of this volcanic island creates an energy that overwhelms the senses. It is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

Things to look forward to in Santorini Island….

  1. A walk along the volcano of Nea Kameni (a small island at the central of the caldera).
  2. A spa in the Aegean Sea
  3. A leisure stroll around the caldera villages and sight-seeing places like Prophet Elijahs Church, the Chapel of the Cross and the Black Mountain, which is scintillating at sunset.
  4. Summertime and dips in one of the infinity pools. A good relaxation on a sun bed with refreshing cocktail and enjoy a massage in your suite and a dip in your jacuzzi.
  5. An intimate dinner for two with a fine wine from a world-renowned volcanic vineyard and views of the caldera.
  6. Luxurious hotels and restaurants.Hotel Olympia in Karterados Santorini
  7. The museum prehistoric Thera at Fira which displays its famous frescoes, including the spring, the monkeys and the African.
  8. Santorini’s gastronomy which boasts of extraordinary ingredients due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The island is a top culinary destination in the Aegean based on the specialties like the sundried  cherry tomatoes, fava beans, capers and white eggplant which allows the chefs always experiment with local products.
  9. Unique beaches in exotic colours of black, red, and white, a product of their volcanic sand.
  10. Volcanic Love – This implies the island offers couples a real life fairytale wedding venue each year with a very beautiful backdrop made up of the caldera and the volcano.
  11. The taste of ancient vineyards.
  12. Scuba-diving in volcanic waters.

Santorini Greece Vacation