2019 Amsterdam Light Festival from central station.(Early Bird Discount).

Brief History of the Light Festival.

In the 1920s, light art gained a prominent place in public space in large cities in Europe, including Amsterdam. In October 1929, the first major Dutch “light event” took place there, the Edison Light Week. Various buildings in the city were decorated with light bulbs for the occasion, attracting large groups of curious visitors. An enlightened Fokker airplane even made sightseeing flights low above the city and there was a water parade of decorated boats.

The amazing Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 – 2020 starts on November 28th. With 20 artists from multiple countries, the eighth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is an event to look forward to this year.  The best way to visit the festival is with an Amsterdam Light Festival cruise. Lovers Canal Cruises offers various types of cruises during the festival. The most famous and popular location is next to Restaurant Loetje near Amsterdam Central Station. Here you will find the cozy hustle and bustle of the quay. The comfortable, modern and heated boats of Lovers Canal Cruises provide an experience that you will not soon forget .

What to expect from from the 90 minutes water colors cruise.

Experience Amsterdam this year in a different light and the theme for the year is known as “Disrupt”. It basically teaches how disruption can influence positive change in our daily lives. Explore this spectacular festival from the comfort of a canal boat and get a fresh view on how the world is evolving. Stay warm in the comfort of this heated cruise boat, with a Dutch or English audio guide to explain the sights. This journey takes approximately 90 minutes with the canal boat departing from the central station every 20 minutes between 17:00 and 22:20 daily.

The 2019 Amsterdam light festival features collections from 21 Luminary artists. Architects, designers and craftsmen have exhibited some displays of twinkling lights throughout the city. You get to witness the work of these 21 artists from across the world and enjoy their interpretations of disruption. This exhibition will be illuminating the waterfront from 28 November 2019 to 19 January 2020, turning the city into a glittering wonderland. This colorful festival makes it one of the best times to take a canal boat tour of Amsterdam.

This year’s theme is an eye opener on how disruption can bring about a positive change, not only to the world, but to our every day lives. Although we usually associate the unexpected with negative experiences, drastic changes can be a powerful force in improving our lives. Be among the first to see the spectacular sculptures of the Amsterdam Light Festival from a unique angle.

Ticket Availability…

Tickets can easily be purchased online by clicking the link below and the tickets are instantly delivered to your smartphone which is also acceptable as a form of ticket. The tickets will need to be shown at the lovers canal cruise dock not less than 10-15 mins before the departure time for this 90 minutes water colors cruise.


Bustronome London Dinner

Fantastic Gourment gander on the bus around the English capital.

What to expect on the Bustronome London Restaurant.

Do you love good food? Love sightseeing? Love buses!? If you have answered yes to all three questions, then your in for a treat. A double-decker Bustronome experience gives you the opportunity to combine all three. This is a romantic experience for couples that want to dine but not in the traditional restaurant way. This should be an experience that will create an everlasting impression for both parties involved as the various ambience sets the mood and further dictates the night…..

While on sightseeing, you will pass iconic London landmarks and savour an Anglo-French dinner in Bustronome’s panoramic dining room. You have options from a seasonal six-course menu packed with local flavours and you can also opt for a tasty tipple. There’s an innovative audio guide on board, which allows you to delve into the history of the Big Smoke as you pass its notable locations: Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more!

The tour starts by 7:15pm and usually lasts till 10pm. The highlights of the tour include sightseeing London city while savouring a 6 course English gourmet with a french twist. Also one gets to learn about the landmarks in London.

Other information to consider are the availability of wheelchair accessibility and the readiness of the staffs to assist. The meals served are catered to preference based on what you prefer. There are two main menus namely the regular main menu and the vegan menu.

Tickets can be purchased online and delivered right to your smartphone which can be presented at the departure point and its also instant delivery.

To get your tickets, you may click on the link below.


Short let accommodation in the UK.

Short let and holiday let in Lakeside, Essex.UK.

Are you planning a vacation to the United Kingdom and not sure where to stay? Are you looking for an accommodation with close proximity to the shopping mall and also not far from shopping outlets?

We offer short let services and holiday accommodation to cater for your individual needs. The facility is located in the elegant centre of Essex, Uk with shopping malls like the Intu Lakeside being the most prominent while there are other shopping facilities and outlets close by like the Blue water shopping centre which is in Greenhithe, Kent, just across the River Thames.

The property is only a few minutes from the hub, the Intu Lakeside and has 4 bedrooms all ensuite with a well furnished kitchen. There is a good condition heating system which is a plus for those cold winter nights. There is a free wi-fi access to all occupants and also Netflix available for those who love their vintage collection of movies and series also. There are cab services (no’s) available as well as Chinese/Food Takeouts (no’s) for those lazy nights you want to just lock yourself in and not visit the kitchen. There is easy access to public transportation and also other convenience stores in the Borough of Thurrock, Essex.

With over 250 shops to visit, including cinemas, bars and restaurants and some other leisure areas, there is also a provision for the children which includes an entertainment centre branded by Nickleodeon.

Contact +234-8054732362 for enquiries on availability and price and i guarantee we will defnitely be able to meet your standard. Send us an email ayo.odeyemi@aanddtravels.com and follow us on aaronanddavidtravelconsultants (instagram), @aanddtravels (twitter) and Aaron & David Travels (facebook).