A day visit to the Royal Museums, Greenwich. London,U.K.

If you are out and about in London and you swing by Greenwich, there are many places of interest to check out including, the Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and the Queens house.

You can get a 4 for 1 combo ticket which gives you access to all four places mentioned above and you are guaranteed a beautiful experience at the end of the visit. Here you will learn a lot about the history behind the selected places.

The Cutty Sark, a legendary tea clipper was used to transport Britains favourite beverage in the 1800’s from China and was known to be the fastest ship in the world. Today, it is known as an award winning visitor attraction where all people can learn about the world breaking record adventures of the ship and also get to see the original interior of the ship.

The Royal Observatory, is an observatory where you can see the Great Equatorial Telescope, Harrison’s clocks, the Shepherd Gate Clock, the Time Ball and the famous Octagon Room. Viewers can also stand on the Meridian Line, where the Eastern and Western hemispheres meet.

The National Maritime Museum, is a dedication to Britain’s history of sea exploration and this includes the blood-stained coat of Admiral Nelson, who died leading a victory against Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar. In display, is J.M.W. Turner’s controversial painting of the battle, and artist Yinka Shonibare’s scaled-down replica of the HMS Victory, ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle’.

The Queens House is the first Classical building in the UK. Here you will climb the ornate Tulip Stairs, the building’s original wrought-iron spiral staircase, and see both the recognisable Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I and the recently frescoed ceiling of the Great Hall.

This surely promises to be a great day out in London’s charming Greenwich.

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Bustronome London Dinner

Fantastic Gourment gander on the bus around the English capital.

What to expect on the Bustronome London Restaurant.

Do you love good food? Love sightseeing? Love buses!? If you have answered yes to all three questions, then your in for a treat. A double-decker Bustronome experience gives you the opportunity to combine all three. This is a romantic experience for couples that want to dine but not in the traditional restaurant way. This should be an experience that will create an everlasting impression for both parties involved as the various ambience sets the mood and further dictates the night…..

While on sightseeing, you will pass iconic London landmarks and savour an Anglo-French dinner in Bustronome’s panoramic dining room. You have options from a seasonal six-course menu packed with local flavours and you can also opt for a tasty tipple. There’s an innovative audio guide on board, which allows you to delve into the history of the Big Smoke as you pass its notable locations: Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more!

The tour starts by 7:15pm and usually lasts till 10pm. The highlights of the tour include sightseeing London city while savouring a 6 course English gourmet with a french twist. Also one gets to learn about the landmarks in London.

Other information to consider are the availability of wheelchair accessibility and the readiness of the staffs to assist. The meals served are catered to preference based on what you prefer. There are two main menus namely the regular main menu and the vegan menu.

Tickets can be purchased online and delivered right to your smartphone which can be presented at the departure point and its also instant delivery.

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