Discover the Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto. Canada.

Experience human culture communicated historically, through footwear.

Learn more about shoes history, culture and symbolism.

  • Are you planning a trip to Canada and wondering what to do while there or places to visit?
  • Are you a lover of arts, crafts, or abstract materials?
  • Have you ever wondered what the historical culture was like?
  • Would you like to discover the ever-changing face of cultural history told through the universal human clothing item – shoes?
  • Would you like to see incredibly rare pieces like Elton John’s silver platform boots and Elvis Presley’s blue patent loafers?
  • You are welcome to access all of the museum’s exhibitions, while using a free audio guide to help you explore the immense collection.
  • There is more to learn from this shoe museum as its name indicates.

You may walk a mile in someone else’s shoes with a ticket to Bata Shoe Museum, dedicated solely to shoes! The museum uses shoes to show the shape-shifting social fabrics of cultures around the world – past and present. You will also see French chestnut-crushing boots alongside delicately embroidered Chinese silk shoes, bear fur shoes made for Japanese samurai warriors, flip-flops, and footwear made from human hair!

Laced with over 13,000 exhibits spanning 4,500 years, with temporary exhibitions to boot, you’re sure to wear out some leather exploring it all! Stare at a well-preserved velvet-covered platform chopine from 16th-century Renaissance Italy, sandals from ancient Greece and Egypt, and the elegant creations of today’s haute couture catwalk designers, and lots more. You will also find Crocs here too. Every shoe has a story. Whats yours?

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